Vibratory Ball Mill

  • Type No.:ZM-1L
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:It is widely used in the fields of electronics, ceramics, chemicals, powder metal, tungsten, Calcium carbide, rubber compounds, magnetic materials and high-frequency porcelain material and pharmaceutical of radio industries.
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Vibration ball mill is a new model of powder equipment with high efficiency, including three models of single jar, double jars and three jars. It’s easy and convenient to operate, reliable to work, easy to clean, adaptable to different working condition. it can be used for wet and dry grinding without pollution. The machine is widely used in the field of electronics, ceramics, chemicals, powder metal, tungsten, Calcium carbide, rubber compounds, magnetic materials and high-frequency porcelain material and pharmaceutical of radio industries. Liners in materials of stainless steel, ceramic, zirconia, glazed block, nylon, PTFE, food-standard rubber and polyurethane are available for customer’s option.

Vibration ball mill consists of shelf, under-frame, vibration generator, spring, cylinder, motor and so on. When the machine starts up, the motor drives the vibration generator to make continuous vibration, which makes cylinder doing small amplitude and continuous movement with high frequency. Because of self rotation and relative movement of the grind media, the materials inside the cylinder are frequently crushed, stripped and ground into uniform powder.     
1.It has larger capacity than other ball mills.
2.It has simple structure. the machine produces different powder in different granularity by means of adjusting vibrating amplitude, frequency, grind media and match ratio.
3.Vibration mill with jacket makes grinding temperature adjustable.
4.Vibration with griddle and collection device can work continuously.
5.Easy and convenient to be operated, reliable at performance, easy to clean, strong ability to adapt to any working conditions.
6.No environmental pollution can be dry, wet milling.
7.Light weight, small size, high efficiency
8.customized order is acceptable.

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill

Application Cases of Planetary Ball Mill

Parameter of Vibration Ball Mill
Type Jar Load Motor Material of Feed Output Category Power
Volume(L) Capacity(L) Power(KW) Grinding Barrel Size(mm) size(μm) Supply
ZM-1L 1 0.5 1.1 Stainless steel
Alumina ceramic
PTFE etc
≤5 ≤1 Lab scale
vibration ball mill
ZM-2L 2 1 1.1 ≤5 ≤1 380V
ZM-3L 3 1.5 1.1 ≤5 ≤1 380V
ZM-5L 5 2.5 1.1 ≤5 ≤1 380V
ZM-10L 10 5 1.5 ≤10 ≤1 Light Type 380V
ZM-15L 15 7.5 1.5 ≤10 ≤1 380V
ZM-20L 20 10 1.5 ≤10 ≤1 380V
ZM-50L 50 25 3 Carbon steel and
lined with nylon, PTFE
≤10 ≤1 380V
ZM-100L 100 50 4 ≤20 ≤1 Large Type 380V
Materials of Jars(1-20L): Stainless steel, agate, nylon, corundum, zirconia, PTFE.
Materials of Jar(30-200L): Carbon steel, stainless steel. Optional liners have nylon, PU, PTFE, corundum.
Besides the planetary ball mill machine, our factory provides all kinds of mill pots,like stainless steel mill pot, zirconia mill pot, alumina mill pot, nylon mill pot, PU mill pot, tungsten mill pot, hard metal mill pot and tempered nylon mill pot etc. Further, we also provide stainless steel mill balls, zirconia mill balls, alumina mill balls, PU mill balls, steel carbon mill balls,tungsten mill balls, etc.

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We can also provide all kinds of mill balls like stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, steel carbon balls, tungsten balls, agate balls, hard metal balls, silicon nitride balls, high wear resistant steel ball, manganese steel balls, nylon balls, cemented carbide, crystal glass and other special metal materials.

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