Square Swing Screen

  • Product Name:Square Swing Screen
  • Model No.:FYBS-1535
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Application Fields: It is widely used in chemicals, new materials, metallurgy, metal powder, mineral powder, food, salt, sugar, abrasive, feed and other industries
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FYBS series of Square swing screen is a high-efficiency screening equipment specially designed for high precision and large output powder. Gyratory motion of the exciter is transmitted to the screen surface through the square gyratory screen, so that material can be quickly dispersed in the front of the screen machine to achieve purpose of efficient screening.

 It is widely used in chemicals, new materials, metallurgy, metal powder, mineral powder, food, salt, sugar, abrasive, feed and other industries.

 Working Principle:

1. Up to 5 times capacity per unit area.

2. It is accurate to 6-stage separation, screening efficiency is up to 90% - 99%.

3. It is equipped with the cleaning device system such as silicone rubber balls and ultrasonic which ensures that the meshes can not be blocked any longer.

4. Sealed dedusting; acceleration is 4-5 times lower than that of vibrating screen, and service life of screening parts is increased and maintenance is reduced.

5. Low noise < 75db. optimizing balance of gravity, low dynamic load of foundation.

6. Double treatment screening: materials can be evenly distributed to two level units and its processing capacity of one set is nearly doubled compared with common machine.

7. Rotary screening: two times sieving by two layers of screens in same size achieves higher screening accuracy.

8. Rotary reverse screening: materials are screened from fine to medium fine to coarse, and coarse materials, which plays a certain role of cleaning mesh.


1. Large capacity of screening: 30-40tons. Max layers can be reached to 11 layers.

2. Fully enclosed structure, no flying dust, small vibration and low noise of screen machine, in line with environmental protection requirements.  

3. Flexible screening, its acceleration is 4-5 times lower than common vibrating screens, its service life is improved greatly, reducing maintenance cost.

4. With unique design of multiple layer design, It is convenient to replace the screen mesh. It is reliable for operation based on its firm and compact structure.

5. Adopted with large scale electrostatic spray molding technology, its out-looking becomes more beautiful, wear-resistant and rust proof.



Applicable industries: Food, chemical, powder grinding, metallurgy, mining, and etc.

Applicable materials: Metallurgy, metal powder, mineral powder, food, salt, sugar, abrasive, feed, and etc.


Technical Parameters





Screen Size



Screen Area



Screen Angle


Applicable Layers




Turn Times


Screen Box

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