Lab Stir Disperser

  • Type:Lab disperser
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:Lab disperser is a kind of equipment for experiments of coating and powder dispersing, which is used for dispersing, mixing and stirring small batch of samples, it is convenient to operate and has stable performance. The machine is widely applied to laboratory scientific experiment, production imitation and R&D of new product, which achieves and meets requirements of all process parameters. Due to its advantages of small batch, lower power and lower cost, high efficiency, it is preferred for schools, R&D institutes, and companies.
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  • Overview
  • Working Principle
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Lab Disperser Working Principle
High-speed rotation of media and materials inside the tank makes materials cut, impacted grinded and finally achieves an effect of crush, grind, disperse, emulsion. 


Lab Disperser Wide Usage
Lab disperser mainly used in paint, ink, coating chemical industry and electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, magnetic materials, lithium cobalt oxides, lithium manganese oxide, catalyst, fluorescent powder, long afterglow luminescent powder, rare earth polishing powder, electronic glass powder, fuel cell, ceramic capacitor, Oxygen zinc varistor, piezoelectric ceramics, nanometer materials, wafer ceramic capacitor, MLCC, thermistor(PTC/NTC), ZnO varistor, valve disc of arrester, strontium titanate ring varistor, ceramic filter, dielectric ceramic, piezoelectric transducer, piezoelectric transformer, chip electronic component, thick film circuit. The focal potentiometer, aluminum oxide ceramics, Oxidation of zinc powder material, cobalt oxide powder, Ni-Zn ferrite, Mn-Zn ferrite etc, for producing and research.
Technical Parameter 
Model Experimental Mini Type Experimental Light Type
Volume(L) 0.5~3 5~20
Jar Material Stainless steel,ceramic,corundum,zirconia,PU,etc.
Feed Size <=5mm <=20mm
Discharge Size <=1um
Roteting Speed(rmp) 1400,2800 and adjustment 50~500
Speed Adjustment Mode Electronic speed control Fixed speed or frequency control
Power(w) 120~550 1000~5500
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