Lab Stir Machine

  • Type:Lab Stir Machine
  • Brand:TENCAN
  • Applications:Lab Stir Machine is applied to industries of pharmacy, food, chemical, metallurgy, electronic. The machine has many features such as no dead angle, high speed, short mixing time, uniform mixing.
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  • Overview
  • Working Principle
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  • Technical Parameter
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Working Principle
The spindle driven the agitator do high-speed rotating, make the grinding medium to do irregular movement. The grinding medium would be collided, extruded, friction and sheared because of the disorderly movement, so pulverized, finely grounded the material. Further, if the size, shape and ratio of the grinding media is different, the grinding effect would also different . Under normal circumstances, the greater the specifications of the grinding medium, the more coarse material crushing; Conversely, the smaller the grinding media, the finer the grinding materials. The abrasive effective would be better with appropriate ratio of different grinding media’s specifications, coupled with the appropriately adjusting for speed.

Product Features
1. High energy utilization, and can get a very high power density, so saving energy;
2. Product size is easy to be adjusted,ensure the final degree of fineness by adjusting the residence time of material in the barrel;
3. Small vibration, low noise;
4. Simple structure, easy to operate;
5. It can achieve various of process parameters requirement, product continuously or intermittently according to the need;
6. It can be well controlled grinding temperature because the milling cylinder has a jacket;
7. Can produce devices with a variety of special features according to the need, such as: the timer, speed control mode, circulation method, temperature regulator etc;
8. Can select grinding cylinder with different materials (stainless steel, corundum ceramics, polyurethanes, zircon, etc.) and stirring device.
Technical Parameter
Model Experimental Mini Type Experimental Light Type Productin Configuaration
Volume(L) 0.5~2 3~20 30~500
Material Stainless steel,ceramic,corundum,zirconia,PU,etc
Feed Size<=5mm <=5mm <=20mm <=20mm
Discharge Size <=1um <=1um <=1um
Roteting Speed(rmp) 1400, 2800 and adjustable 50~500 50~500
Speed Adjustment Mode Electronic speed control Fixed speed or frequency control Fixed speed frequency
Power(w) 120~550 1000~5500 1000~7500
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